Recessed - Multi-unit Mailboxes

Fully functional and yet so unobtrusive you will be excused for overlooking them. These elegant multi-units with their clean lines provide uninterrupted walls and create a secure environment to receive post.

Stylish, durable, space saving, our mailboxes are designed to be functional yet visually appealing. Signage can be incorporated into the design, advertising the company name, logo or address.

Datim mailboxes use the latest manufacturing techniques and high quality materials to ensure product longevity with aesthetic appeal. Finishes include stainless steel, RAL powder coating and anodised colours which can either match or contrast with the surrounding framework. 

Common mailbox features include a choice of front or rear mail retrieval, vertical or horizontal box orientation and either single or multi-unit configuration. With unlimited options we provide total flexibility of design, which allows us to create the perfect Multi-Unit Mailbox system to your specification.